Zero's Journal Entry 4

[Date Placeholder (First night in Ba Sing Se)]

I haven’t been in this damn city for an entire day and already I’ve been jumped by another bending team.

The rest of the journey to Ba Sing Se has been exhausting. While traversing the Serpent’s Pass we discovered that the Ferry had been accosted somehow, and we discovered the body of Fuu floating up to one of the lower shores of the pass, I wonder how many other young benders didn’t make the rest of the trip. Once we were clear of the pass, we had to traverse the desert that surrounds Ba Sing Se, and along the way we came upon (what I’m hoping is) a fringe cannibal tribe of the Earth Kingdom. It was clear that they had just finished eating some people when we noticed that there was still another captive in their cages. Beilin, Lakota, and I entered their makeshift village to inquire about what would come of him, and just what the hell was going on. We learned that their remaining captive and his now devoured friends had been caught stealing food from the tribe. Beilin struck bargain with the Cannibal Chief that if we could restore their non-human stock of food that we could be able to take their prisoner to face civilized justice in Ba Sing Se. We elected to have Anzu and Mayu stay and watch to make sure they didn’t just eat the captive while we were gone, and Beilin, Lakota, and I set off to hunt a desert Ant-Bear-Lion. The beast was massive and kept trying to pull us down towards its giant maw, but we were able to deliver a particularly crispy bear-ant-lion to the tribe in exchange for the captive. He turned out to be an Air Bender name Gyatso, who couldn’t really remember much of anything.

The next day, once we had entered the city, I could’ve sworn I saw Fuu street preforming. She was almost identical so I waited until after her performance to see if it was her, it wasn’t. It turned out to be a girl named Yuu who told me she’d never even heard of Fuu, let alone was related or anything. We settled in and went our separate ways, I decided to walk around the training grounds to see if any teams looked particularly powerful. This is where things get messy. I was walking between training rings when a water-blast almost hit me, thinking that they were just sparring I continued to circle the ring casually watching other teams as well as this one, then another blast, this one clearly aimed at me. I stopped and asked if there was a problem when the water bender attacked me again. I returned with two fire-blasts, but before I knew it, his whole team was closing in around me. I decided it was better to live to fight another day, I dropped to my back and preform one of the most perfect firespins I’ve ever done. I jumped back up and made a break for it, confident I was no longer being pursued I returned back to the room. I still have no idea where the rest of my team is, hopefully they’ll get back for dinner soon.

Zero's Journal Entry 4

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