Zero's Journal Entry 3

[Date Placeholder (Night Spent in Full Moon Bay)]

We’ve finally reached the Serpent’s Pass, not without our fair share of incidents along the way. Shortly after leaving Winbu, there was a fake checkpoint set up by bandits acting as Earth Kingdom soldiers, I’m unsure if they had stolen the uniforms or were deserters, but it really speaks to the lack of diligence of the Earth Kingdom Army. After dispatching the would be guards Beilin collected the uniforms, I hope that this isn’t a common occurrence.

We met our water-bender shortly after, outside a small town. Lakota is from the Northern Water Tribe and as we found out later that night, a very capable bender. We spent the night in a small inn, but early in the morning, while it was still dark, bandits raided the town and began to set some of the buildings on fire. Beilin made a huge earth wall under the town’s main gate that split the raiders in half, while Lakota and Mayu tended to the buildings, I did my best to redirect the flames onto the raiders themselves. After dispatching the raiders,and quelling the fires, the towns people came out ready to reward us but Beilin refused to accept, he is very ready to speak for all of us. He was able to use his status to get us some ostrich horses, I will appreciate not walking the rest of the way to Ba Sing Se.

We arrived at Full Moon Bay today, and are going to sleep through the night to traverse the Serpent’s Pass by land rather than take the ferry. There are a lot of young benders here for the tournament and while everyone split up for the evening, I decided to head out and see if I could recognize anyone from home. I ended up playing dice with some other kids and met a cute girl named Fuu who told me she was taking the ferry in the morning and that I should look her up when I got to Ba Sing Se, Mayu made dinner for the team. We’ll see what tomorrow brings, the Serpent’s Pass by land is supposed to be a dangerous journey.

Zero's Journal Entry 3

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