Prestige Points

What Are Prestige Points?

The Prestige Point system is a system to reward players for helping out the campaign by working on the wiki or providing materials. It is quite similar to other systems we have used in the past, e.g., Fate Points. The key difference lies in how one accumulate these points. Whereas most other systems, a player gains them through leveling or performing heroic acts in game, points are earned through helping out-of-game. What constitutes has helping and the points award associated with it will vary. While purchasing a pizza for the group may award you a point this week and the next, players should not expect the “Pay to Win” model from so many other games. The only reliable means of receiving points is by editing the wiki. This means updating your journals and information regarding places you have been. The points awarded will vary, but remember that quality is appreciated over quantity.

Points can either be burned or spent, depending on what ability a player is wanting to use. Once a player has spent a point, it cannot be used again until the following week. Burning a point completely removes the point from the player’s pool. Players are not required to burn unspent points first. The first tier of abilities are useful for a single round of combat. Only one ability may be used per round and lasts until the beginning of the next round. Players must declare the use of the ability before the outcome is determined.

Encounter Abilities may only be used once per encounter. If a player wishes to use them again, the point value is burned rather than spent. Players may burn points for special upgrades to their character. Each permanent ability may only be purchased twice per character. This means that an ability such as Palmer, Srsly! will only save your character twice before it is time to let her go.

As a final note, prestige points are bound to a player, not the character. If you have ten points and are unable to save your character from death, those ten points will remain for your new character to use. In addition, players are allowed to give their own points to other players, but the GM must be notified of this transaction.

Prestige Point Totals


BeiLin 14 10
Zero 9 7
Lakoda - -
Gyatso - -
Kuruk 8 6
Group Pool - 5

Round Abilities


Offensive Form +1 to attacks 1
Defensive Form +1 to AC and Saving Throws 1
Focused +1 to DC Saves 1
Careful +2 to any Skill Check 1
Inner Peace +1 to any Bending Check 1

Doubling the effect of a round ability increases the cost to 3, and tripling to 6.

Encounter Abilities


Offensive Luck Reroll Attack or Damage 2
Defensive Luck Reroll Saving Throw 2
Skilled Luck Reroll Skill Check 2
Bending Luck Reroll Bending Check 2
Quick Draw Win Initiative 2
Take A Nap Stabilize Below 0 HP 1
Once More with Gusto One Additional Attack 2
It Broke? Avoid Critical Fumble 2
Die Please Confirm Critical 2

Burn to use twice per encounter.

Permanent Abilities


Palmer, Srsly? Killing Blow Stabilizes at 0 HP 3
Skill Mastery +1 Luck Bonus to Skill 2
Toughen Up Reroll HP 2
Bender Training +1 Luck Bonus to Bending Level 2
I Want It Now Bonus Feat 8
Bending Prodigy Bonus Seed 7
Infinite Power Increase Attribute by +1
09-10 2
11-12 2
13-14 4
15-16 6
17-18 8
19-20 10

Each ability may be used only twice per character.

Special thanks to Arsheesh and TolsimirWolfBlood for the inspiration to use this in my campaign.

Prestige Points

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