Kuruk's Journal Entry 3

The secret is out.

But all is not lost. They have agreed to keep me around, as long as my performance does not suffer. The Chieftain will attempt to take me back to the South after the tournament to stand trial, but of course I will not allow that to happen. I do not yet have a way to get out of it, but the solution will come, as it always does.

I have had more time with Ren, and after revealing to me that she aided her brother in certain nefarious acts, I feel I can trust her, possibly more than those on this team. Zero and Anzu seemed not to care overly much. BeiLin certainly did – his high morals don’t allow him to see much below him. And Mayu…well, I believe I can give up on getting her to my side.

Ren and I have decided to go see a show in town tonight, some street performers. It should be a good time, though something else weighs heavily on my mind. The others – Zero and BeiLin – have went off to an anti-Bender rally incognito. It seems like the place I may be useful.

Alas, self-preservation wins out.

Kuruk's Journal Entry 3

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