BeiLin's Journal Entry 15

Several events took place over the last 2 days, and it all happened pretty quickly, so I will try and include as much as I can in this entry. The anti-bending rally turned out to be harmless enough, I even saw [ostrich-horse guy] there, but less harmless were the two men hosting the whole thing. Men in masks, the same masks that have been plaguing my dreams of late, and one of them was the broken mask with the amber eye. They boasted being able to give non-benders the powers of bending. They displayed a fire bending technique, though none Zero had ever seen before. At first we thought it cheap tricks. After their presentation, we were able to eavesdrop and overheard something about losing their third, which makes even more sense with the three masks from my dreams, and that they were working for someone more powerful than themselves.

Whether this is physical power or political or social power is yet to be determined.
The most peculiar thing happened next, Anzu presented himself to us with a group of fighters and implored our assistance in stopping the men in the masks. They were to attempt to flee and we were to stop them by any means. When I tried to remove the mask from the man that attacked us, I could not hear the stone it was made of, as if it were not stone at all. The mask did come off, not from my efforts, and the man wearing it was discovered to be a corpse. That is when the mask produced a being, this entity of energy, or spirit, I am not really sure. It nearly killed the lot of us, but with our skills and strengths combined we managed to overpower it. Once the night concluded, Anzu told us of a secret order of protectors, and that we had been evaluated for initiation by our actions of stopping the masked men. We were to meet the next night at a specified location to be given more detail.

The next day, Yuu was feeling much better. Still bedridden though, she asked me to go to the library and fetch some books. While I was at the library, [ostrich-horse guy] gave me some suggested readings, and told me of a story of deceit and treachery that has been disguised as a fable for centuries. The book was a symbol, and in it was a coded letter. With the help of a few writings on cyphers, and Yuu, I was able to translate the letter enough to make sense of it. It was a correspondence, I don’t know between who, but it discussed plans being moved forward. They would now be carried out at the conclusion of the tournament. Based on all of the information acquired, I have deduced that the plans are a coup against the Fire Lord and her son, who is suspected of being the next Avatar, by the current Fire Nation Naval General, as he would be the acting Fire Lord in the absence of any bloodline successor. I shared all of this with Anzu on the way to the secret meeting, and he was convinced that my concern is valid.

I won’t mention anything of the secret meeting or the secret order here, for fear that I would compromise several people if this journal ever ended up in the wrong hands.

Today we prepare for the semi-finals of the tournament. The Xiao-Shi team is still competing, albeit with an entirely new lineup.

BeiLin's Journal Entry 15

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