Avatar: A Tale of Seasons

A Table of Contents

The Story – A Brief Introduction

Session 15 – Aftermath: The Aftermathening
Session 14 – Three Men, Two Masks, and a Woman
Session 13 – Justice Hungers
Session 12 – Going for Gold
Session 11 – How to Execute a Well-Planned Plan
Session 10 – Breaking Point
Session 09 – A Tale of Seasons
Session 08 – Neutral Town
Session 07 – Moving on Up
Session 06 – Arrested Developments
Session 05 – First Day in Ba Sing Se
Session 04 – What’s an Ant Bearlion?
Session 03 – A Group United
Session 02 – The Long Road
Session 01 – The Story Begin

Session 15

Many things happened.

Session 14

And lo, finals were upon the keeper of the records, thus bringing about seven fold the amount of daily slacking.

Session 13

After resting for a few hours, the team participated in their second and final match for the day. Although the match lasted longer than their previous encounter, the victory was decisive. Following the match, Chief Annak, who had been watching the fight from the stands, visited the team’s prep room to congratulate them on their victory. Kuruk and a few others noticed that Annak seemed particularly interested in Kuruk. After much prodding and poking, Kuruk hinted to the group that he had done something horrible in his past, but he was not willing to share it with the group. Further discussion, and some threats, lead to Kuruk promising to tell the group his secret the following day after he confronted Chief Annak.

With the quarter finals starting in three days, the group decided it would be wise to spend some time resting before heading back into practice. Zero stayed behind near the tournament grounds to watch some of the other matches that were about to start. While waiting for the next match to begin, Zero encountered Lee, an old acquaintance from his early days at school in the Fire Nation. Their conversation slowly switched towards the problems Zero encounter in the Earth Kingdom. Lee was appalled at Zero’s mild reaction to the lack of honor in the Earth Kingdom. The conversation devolved into an Agni Kai when Lee told Zero he had no honor. Zero, knowing full well his opponent was a poor firebender, destroyed Lee in less than a second. The arena erupted into a light panic at what appeared to be a spontaneous human combustion. Annak, who had been watching the fight, pulled Zero away from the encounter and into the preparation rooms. After berating Zero for his actions, he offered Zero two choices: spy on Kuruk for him or have a nice chat with the Earth Kingdom military. Zero took the former.

Session 12

After taking two days of extended rest following the Xiao-shi affair, the group finally made it to the Decennial Martial Arts Exhibition and Tournament. The opening ceremony was conducted by four representatives, one from each nation: Earth King Jin He from the Earth Kingdom, Fire Lord Ran from the Fire Nation, Chief Annak from the Water Tribes, and Sister Prati from the Air Nomads. Following the ceremony, the group went their separate ways as they enjoyed everything the nearby fair had to offer.

Session 11

Tired of dealing with the problems caused by the Xiao-shi family, the group took to action. BeiLin set up an appointment to meet with the head of the Xiao-shi family, Fong, at Wu Shu Park. He also set up a meeting between Mai and the local magistrate to discuss his father’s situation.

While the discussions were going on, Kuruk and Zero were tasked with a stealth mission. Zero obtained a forged letter from one of Anzu’s sources that would implicate Fong in a scheme to remove Feng from the family. While BeiLin had Fong’s attention at the park, Kuruk would then sneak into the Xiao-shi home and plant the letter.

Session 10

With his father still in jail the next morning, BeiLin heads to the prison where his father is being held. There he learns that his father is charged the crimes of murder, kidnapping, and the buying and selling of contraband. He also discovers that all assets, namely the purchased building he discovered the night before, have been confiscated from the Beifong estate. His father has no set date to see a judge, but if he wishes to be moved to his home instead as he waits for his date, the cost is 10,000,000g, or about a third of the Beifong’s wealth. BeiLin leaves without paying the bail.

While Beifong was out dealing with his father, Kuruk continued to search around the Beifong estate for hidden passages. As a result, he discovered a forgotten dumbwaiter leading from the first to the fourth floor. Mai discovered Kuruk on the fourth floor when he inadvertently stumbled into her room. When asked how he made it past the guards she had on patrol, Kuruk told her about the dumbwaiter. Mai wanted to destroy it as the passage could cause security issues in the future. Kuruk put forth a convincing argument and Mai decided to keep it open.

Session 9

With the art show behind them, the group deals with the loss of Lakoda and Mayu’s injury. Yuu and her father apologize profusely to the BeiFong family for the incident. They attempt to provide monetary compensation, but BeiLin refuses outright.

As per the agreement made between Yuu and BeiLin, she provides him with Sheng Suun’s “A Tale of Seaons.” Yuu tells BeiLin that it will take a bit of time as she doesn’t have the text on her, but instead has it memorized word for word. Although it takes her a few hours, she provides him with the full manuscript.

Session 8

Lost in space.

Session 7

Lost to time.

Experience: 1750xp


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