Avatar: A Tale of Seasons

The Story

It has been ten years since Avatar Ro died and the next Avatar has not been found. As the Decennial Martial Arts Tournament approaches, sixty-four teams comprised of four benders, one from each nation, will be chosen to compete in the world’s largest event. Created several hundred years ago by the Avatar, the tournament was designed to bring together the four nations closer through the spirit of competition.

Session 1

Word spreads quickly throughout the world as the first letters for the decennial martial arts exhibition reach the various schools across the land. While some masters find themselves with a difficult choice in picking their representative for the youth tournament, others such as Shou of the Earth Kingdom and Zhao of the Fire Nation have no such issues. The two masters send their only students,BeiLin Beifong and Zero Lee Qin respectively, to join two other students in hopes of bringing home honor and glory to their schools.

Session 2

The rest of the first day of travel for the group went by without a hitch. As the sun dipped behind the treeline and Winbu a half of day’s travel away, the four worked together to find a place to camp for the evening. Zero discovered an rocky outcrop that would provide protection from the elements as well as any bandits a few hundred feet from the road. Early morning the following day, the four were attacked by armadillo wolves The group, sans a sleeping Anzu, dispatched the pack without a hitch, leaving behind two cooking carcasses and a relatively whole skin for BeiLin. Mayu was left to prepare one of the armadillo wolves for breakfast while the other was prepared by Zero to be smoked.

Session 3

Shortly before making it to the Serpent’s Pass, the three young benders and their manager finally met up with their fourth member near the town of Wuu. Lakoda, the oldest of the four, introduced himself as a student of Nakkoti. At Mayu’s request, the group held a small feast outside the town for Lakoda and his ride, Sister Mishi.

The group spent the night inside one of the smaller inns of Wuu. BeiLin’s decision to sleep outside paid off as he was alerted to the incoming bandit raid. The four benders acted without hesitation and took off towards the town’s southern gate. BeiLin blocked off gates, cutting off a good portion of the bandit invasion. Lakoda, Zero, and Mayu worked tirelessly to put out the fires from the surrounding buildings. With the fires out, the remaining bandit force attacked the benders, but were easily defeated by the team. Impressed by their work, the town’s militia offered them gold for their trouble. BeiLin declined, instead offering that they provide them with breakfast in the morning.

Session 4

During their trip from the Serpent’s Pass to Ba Sing Se, the team came across a small tribe of desert people. While surveying the situation, one of the member noticed a person locked in bound and caged near a few open cages in the camp. As BeiLin had no knowledge to the origin of this tribe, he, Lakoda, and Zero took it upon themselves to investigate the situation. The three left Anzu and Mayu to watch their backs as they walked down the gulley to the tribe.

Session 5

Having made it to Ba Sing Se, the team took no time in deciding to head immediately to the practice village set aside for those participating in the martial arts tournament. The streets were crowded with performers all looking to make easy money from the spectators who were already beginning to arrive to the city. One particular performance caught the group’s collective eye. A pair of strong looking men juggled three female performers back and forth, weaving in a blade or two as the performance continued. Zero mistook one of the performers for the girl he had met back at Full Moon Bay. Yuu, the girl in question, denied ever seeing Zero before, let alone going to Full Moon Bay, although she promised Zero she would let him know if found anything out about this mystery girl.

Session 6

An outcast from the southern water tribe named Kuruk arrives in Ba Sing Se with hopes of returning to society. Soon after setting foot into the city, he finds work with the BeiFong family. Mai, the head butler of the BeiFong family, hires Kuruk as a bodyguard for BeiLin.

The main group parts ways in the morning after awakening from the frightful dream. BeiLin and Lakoda make their way to Ba Sing Se University in hopes of discovering more information about the spirit world and dreams. Zero decides to stay behind for some individual practice, but is interrupted by an abrupt visit from a tournament official. A man by the name of Hong Fire informs Zero that a scuffle erupted the day before, resulting in the serious injury of two benders. Zero admits to injuring the two benders but adds that it was only in self-defense. Much to Zero’s surprise, Hong then has him arrested on charges of assault. When asked who brought the charges, Hong tells him that one of the bender’s father, Fong Xiao-shi. Zero is then escorted to a temporary jail built in the training camp.

Session 7

Lost to time.

Experience: 1750xp

Session 8

Lost in space.

Session 9

With the art show behind them, the group deals with the loss of Lakoda and Mayu’s injury. Yuu and her father apologize profusely to the BeiFong family for the incident. They attempt to provide monetary compensation, but BeiLin refuses outright.

As per the agreement made between Yuu and BeiLin, she provides him with Sheng Suun’s “A Tale of Seaons.” Yuu tells BeiLin that it will take a bit of time as she doesn’t have the text on her, but instead has it memorized word for word. Although it takes her a few hours, she provides him with the full manuscript.


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