Zero Lee Qin



HP: 18 – AC: 19 – BC: 8


Zero was born in the heart of the Capital Harbor just outside the Fire Nation Capital. He is the youngest of two sons from (parents) however, despite both is parents and his brother, (brother) being non-benders Zero showed early promise as a fire bender. The Qin family has a long history of Naval service, though nothing spectacular, Zero’s father and his uncle (name) are experienced Naval engineers (glorified skilled dock workers) and his other uncle (name) is a (mid-level non-commissioned officer) in the Fire Nation Navy. (Older brother), and several of his older cousins all enlisted into the Fire Navy as soon as they could, leaving Zero to try and teach himself more about bending.

When Zero turned 12, he finally convinced his parents to try and find him a Sifu to teach him the ways of Firebending beyond just what he could pick up from scrolls. His parents did not try very hard, and took what bit of Zero’s inheritance had been saved up and went off to find the first Sifu that would take Zero thinking that when he turned 18 he would return home and enlist into the Fire Nation Navy like all the other Qins before him.

Zero’s moved to Xu to train under Sifu Zhao and at first thought that his Sifu was as washed up and lazy as everyone had rumored, more interested in brewing than firebending. Usually drunk, Sifu Zhao seemed only capable of reinforcing Zero’s fundamentals and tending his stills. However, after only a few months of being there, the school was accosted by 3 firebenders trying to shake down Sifu Zhao for any money he had. Zero tried to defend the school, but was too young and inexperienced to put up much of a fight. Seeing his pupil dispatched and outraged that these men would attack a child Zhao displayed the most awesome and powerful firebending Zero had ever seen and easily defeated the criminals.

After this altercation, Zero had a new found respect for Zhao and trained with renewed vigor on top of his ever present military discipline that his family had taught him. This work ethic combined with a calmer and more relaxed style of teaching and progression from Sifu Zhao, his forms become more fluid, less regimented, and his bending skills grew. Every few months, the school would again be harassed by thugs, and each time Zero was able to defend a little longer before Zhao would intervene and reduce the assailants to ash.

After five years of training, Zero was selected over a potted plant by Sifu Zhao to join a bending team for the (bending Olympics) in Ba Sing Se.

Zero Lee Qin

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