BeiLin BeiFong

Earthbender, member of the BeiFong family


AC:19 HP:25 BC:10 AGE:18


Born in Ba Sing Se to Bao and Ming. Once it was discovered that BeiLin was an earth bender, his parents used their name and resources to acquire the greatest earth bending master in the Earth Kingdom to be BeiLin’s Sifu. Master Shou accepted the BeiFongs’ request, under the condition that BeiLin be sent to him a small town south-west of Winbu for his training rather than Shou relocating to Ba Sing Se.

For the next ten years, BeiLin would train to master earth bending under the instruction of Sifu Shou, until he was chosen to return home to Ba Sing Se to compete in the decennial tournament.

BeiLin BeiFong

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