Avatar: A Tale of Seasons

Session 9

With the art show behind them, the group deals with the loss of Lakoda and Mayu’s injury. Yuu and her father apologize profusely to the BeiFong family for the incident. They attempt to provide monetary compensation, but BeiLin refuses outright.

As per the agreement made between Yuu and BeiLin, she provides him with Sheng Suun’s “A Tale of Seaons.” Yuu tells BeiLin that it will take a bit of time as she doesn’t have the text on her, but instead has it memorized word for word. Although it takes her a few hours, she provides him with the full manuscript.

The tale follows a young Sheng and his wife Hei. One day while the couple are enjoying the warm spring air, four spirits appear to wreak havoc on the young couple. Sheng attempts to fight back but is unable to harm them, and the spirits take his wife away. He seeks the help of the Avatar to wreak vengeance upon them, but the Avatar tells him it is impossible. The spirits he described were manifestations of the seasons, and to deal with them could endanger the lives of many. Sheng curses the Avatar and leaves seeking other ways to save his wife.

Weeks pass and he has yet to find a solution to his problem. One night before bed, Sheng is visited by a spirit who claims he can help him save his wife and claim vengeance. When asked what the spirit wants in exchange, it replies that it just wishes to help out a lost soul. The spirit warns Sheng that by accepting his help, he will no longer be human. Sheng accepts and his taken to the Spirit World.

Now no longer human, but not a spirit, Sheng travels the Spirit World in search of his wife. Along the way, he meets the Avatar who is surprised to see him there. The Avatar warns him that his vengeance will only cause more harm, but Sheng does not head his warning. He laughs at the Avatar, ignoring his warning and claiming himself now more powerful. The Avatar can do nothing but shake his head as Sheng leaves.

Sheng eventually finds a house by a lake that resembles his own house. There he find the four spirit that took his wife away. He confronts them about his wife, to which they reply that they never actually took her. They claim that she wanted to go herself and, if she had wanted, she could have returned at any point. Enraged by their lies, Sheng strikes down Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter in a single attack. In its last words, Winter tells Sheng that he will find neither happiness nor sadness in that house. Sheng then devours the bodies of the four spirits, but finds that his hunger for vengeance is still strong. Sheng enters and finds a frail, old woman inside. He asks where she has hid Hei. She replies that she is Hei, but this only infuriates him. He asks again, and she replies the same. Sheng strikes her down and devours her body as well. Consumed by rage, Sheng continues his path of destruction in the spirit world in search of his wife, but he never finds her.

The team continues their day trying to figure how what to do with their missing spot. Later that evening while they are eating dinner, the house is invaded by several members of the military. In their hands, they hold a document declaring that Bao BeiFong is to be taken into custody for aiding and abetting many attempted murders and kidnappings including that of the late Lakoda. Not wanting to cause a scene, Bao agrees to go with the officials.

BeiLin sends Mai and her team to follow them to make sure that he is being taken to the proper place and not into a trap. BeiLin and the team then go into research mode to figure out how his father is even related to the charges. Through their research, the team discovers that his several of his father’s newly acquired properties had been used in various kidnappings for the past year. Even more interesting is the fact that all the buildings had been previously owned at some point by the Xiao-shi family. Mai and the others returned later with news that his father had been taken to the nearby prison for holding.



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