Avatar: A Tale of Seasons

Session 5

Having made it to Ba Sing Se, the team took no time in deciding to head immediately to the practice village set aside for those participating in the martial arts tournament. The streets were crowded with performers all looking to make easy money from the spectators who were already beginning to arrive to the city. One particular performance caught the group’s collective eye. A pair of strong looking men juggled three female performers back and forth, weaving in a blade or two as the performance continued. Zero mistook one of the performers for the girl he had met back at Full Moon Bay. Yuu, the girl in question, denied ever seeing Zero before, let alone going to Full Moon Bay, although she promised Zero she would let him know if found anything out about this mystery girl.

After arriving at the village and unpacking their gear at the dorm, the each member of the group went their separate way. Zero spent the rest of the day surveying the grounds and sizing up the competition. His day ended with a brief confrontation from another team as the four attempted to gang up on him. Lakoda took a trip to Ba Sing Se University to do some research in regards to effects of healing on the brain. There he discovered several documents detailing experiments in healing memory loss. BeiLin took the time to catch up with his family. During the two years he had not seen his family, BeiLin discovered that he was no longer an only child and that his parents had set up an arranged marriage for him. On his way back from his family’s house, BeiLin met up with Anzu at a bar and received some funds for the group.

The group reconvened in the evening for dinner and went to bed a little early. Once asleep, BeiLin, Zero, and Lakoda found themselves sharing the same dream. After bickering among each other due to Zero’s dream of the fire nation attacking the water tribes, the three suddenly found themselves in a void surrounded by three black skulls. Zero and Lakoda felt a familiar chill as they had when visited by the masks. After being questioned and insulted, the three threw the first punch, shattering the skulls into pieces that fell into the void. Several of the shards that landed on the obsidian platform transformed into shadowy, beast-like creatures. Upon defeating them, the three woke up in their beds with even more questions as to what was plaguing them.

- – - – -

Experience: 1600xp
Treasure: 100g



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