Avatar: A Tale of Seasons

Session 4

During their trip from the Serpent’s Pass to Ba Sing Se, the team came across a small tribe of desert people. While surveying the situation, one of the member noticed a person locked in bound and caged near a few open cages in the camp. As BeiLin had no knowledge to the origin of this tribe, he, Lakoda, and Zero took it upon themselves to investigate the situation. The three left Anzu and Mayu to watch their backs as they walked down the gulley to the tribe.

At this time, the large, bandanna-wearing man locked in the cage gained consciousness and noticed the three strangers make their way into the camp. The three were greeted by the chieftain of the village, an older man dressed in much finer clothing than his kin. When questioned about what they were eating, the chief informed them that it was human flesh. Outraged by his answer, they questioned about the fate of the man in the cage. The chieftain responded that he was criminal as were the others that were eaten. As per the tribe’s law, food thieves were to be kept locked up until food was needed, at which point they would be executed and devoured for sustenance.

BeiLin attempted to reason with the chief, but could only come to the agreement that if he could replace what they had taken, BeiLin and his group would be allowed to take the prisoner to Ba Sing Se for justice. The chieftain recommended that they bring back a bear antlion as it would provide them with food for weeks. An hour of combing the desert led to the three finding a rather large pit that was home to a rather large bear antlion. After a few close calls, the three managed to take down the beast and give it a little precook for the tribe.

As per their agreement, the chieftain released the prisoner, who revealed his name to be Gyatso, to the group and thanked them for their service. Before handing the large man over to the party, the chieftain shared a few words with him in regards to his old choice in friends. Gyatso told the chieftain that his memory was cloudy in regards to his companions. The chieftain mentioned that the five men who were with him looked up to him with much fervor. In fact, one had an airbender tattoo just like Gyatso.

BeiLin and the other left with Gyatso in tow. After a brief introduction with Anzu and Mayu, the latter pointed out that Gyatso was an airbender. Further questions about the airbender proved fruitless as he could not remember the events that transpired to his capture. Anzu suggested they refrain from turning him into the authorities as he could prove useful in their training. The group concluded it would be in their best interest and welcomed him, if only in body.

After a bit more travel, the group arrived at the outer walls of Ba Sing Se with eighteen days until the opening ceremony.



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