Avatar: A Tale of Seasons

Session 3

Shortly before making it to the Serpent’s Pass, the three young benders and their manager finally met up with their fourth member near the town of Wuu. Lakoda, the oldest of the four, introduced himself as a student of Nakkoti. At Mayu’s request, the group held a small feast outside the town for Lakoda and his ride, Sister Mishi.

The group spent the night inside one of the smaller inns of Wuu. BeiLin’s decision to sleep outside paid off as he was alerted to the incoming bandit raid. The four benders acted without hesitation and took off towards the town’s southern gate. BeiLin blocked off gates, cutting off a good portion of the bandit invasion. Lakoda, Zero, and Mayu worked tirelessly to put out the fires from the surrounding buildings. With the fires out, the remaining bandit force attacked the benders, but were easily defeated by the team. Impressed by their work, the town’s militia offered them gold for their trouble. BeiLin declined, instead offering that they provide them with breakfast in the morning.

While the others gorged themselves on food and prepared supplies for the rest of the trip, BeiLin left the group in search of an ostrich horse for their new companion. It was at the stable that BeiLin encounters discovered that a man by the name of Hyun, a member of the Earth King’s court, had purchased the rest of the stock. After a brief discussion, BeiLin managed to purchase one of Hyun’s ostrich horses by exchanging the Earth Kingdom military uniforms he found on the bandits. Thus the team set off towards the Serpent’s Pass.

As the sun neared the horizon, the team arrived near Full Moon Bay and the entrance to the Serpent’s Pass. Rather than take the pass at night, the group opted to spend the night at Full Moon Bay. The town was full of teams all participating in the youth tournament of the martial arts exhibition. Many of them appeared to be waiting for room on the ferries that would take them directly to Ba Sing Se. The team decided to go their separate ways while waiting for a room to open up at one of the local inns. BeiLin spent the day training outside of the city, while Lakoda created ice sculptures for money and Mayu went shopping for dinner. Unlike his other compatriots, Zero took it upon himself to socialize with the other youth in town, and look for a little money in the process by way of dice. In his games, Zero befriended a bright-eyed girl named Fuu while playing dice. She mentioned she was headed to Ba Sing Se and that Zero should look her up when he got there. After spending some time apart, the team met up again a few hours after the sun set and purchased a few rooms at the inn.

With a clear day ahead of them, the group departed early in the morning and took their ostrich horses down the Serpent’s Pass. Although there were a few close calls riding down the narrow path, the group met their first real challenge near the middle of the pass. Something or someone had caused the pass to dip below the water. Using his waterbending, Lakoda created an ice path while BeiLin blew dirt along the top to give the ostrich horses a bit more traction. Half-way through the pathway, Zero noticed a body floating in the water. Pulling the body closer, Zero discovered the body belonged to the young girl he met at Full Moon Bay. A quick examination of the body revealed several punctures in her abdomen and the complete removal of her face. The group decided to take the body along, believing her to deserve a burial.

As the group neared end of their makeshift bridge, Lakoda noticed something shimmer beneath the waves. Taking it as a sign of something bad, Lakoda suggested the group move a little faster. By the end of the day, the group had made it completely through the Serpent’s Pass with no other incidents. With Ba Sing Se still a few days away, they made camp a little ways down the road. There they buried Fuu and went to sleep.

During the night, Lakoda’s dreams were haunted by three mysterious masks. Awakened by the murder of his entire family, Lakoda awoke to an armadillo wolf chewing on his sleeping bag. Using the water from his nearby skin, Lakoda whipped the intruder in the nose and alerted the others. Having fought against bandits, the were no problem for the group and finished them off without breaking a sweat.



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