Avatar: A Tale of Seasons

Session 2

The rest of the first day of travel for the group went by without a hitch. As the sun dipped behind the treeline and Winbu a half of day’s travel away, the four worked together to find a place to camp for the evening. Zero discovered an rocky outcrop that would provide protection from the elements as well as any bandits a few hundred feet from the road. Early morning the following day, the four were attacked by armadillo wolves The group, sans a sleeping Anzu, dispatched the pack without a hitch, leaving behind two cooking carcasses and a relatively whole skin for BeiLin. Mayu was left to prepare one of the armadillo wolves for breakfast while the other was prepared by Zero to be smoked.

The group arrived at Winbu a little after noon. Anzu left the group to take care of business, leaving the other three to find the Lubei family’s summer home. After the group settled down at the summer home, Anzu returned a few hours later with news of a little sparring match he had arranged with the local earthbending school. The group, while reluctant, went along with Anzu as it provided a chance for some practice against other benders.

Mou, the teacher at the school, as shocked to learn that Anzu had lied about providing his students with three earthbending opponents, and had instead given him an airbender, firebender, and earhtbender. Using his charm, Beilin talked Mou in allowing the three to fight as it would give his students real world experience for fighting other styles. The rules for the bout were quite simple. First team to disable or ring out the other opponents would win. The fight began with an immediate ring out by Beilin. Less than a minute later, the fight ended with a knockout from the combined efforts of Mayu and Zero. Impressed by their talent, Mou gave the group 200 gold as per the agreement, and begged Beilin to provide an exhibition for his students.

After the exhibition and meal, the group bid Mou and his students farewell before heading back to the Lubei’s summer home. During the night, Beilin had a strange dream involving large stone masks in the arctic. Just as the masks bore down upon him, Beilin woke up in a cold sweat with the sun rising over the horizon. At that time, the Zero and Mayu were waking up as well. The three washed up and gathered their belonging while waiting for Anzu to wake so they could leave. Several hours later, the four left the summer home and went to return the keys to the town’s mayor. Unknown to all but Beilin, Mayu had taken several scrolls of poetry by Shang Tsung from the Lubei’s library that she hoped she could read. Beilin scolded her for her actions and took the scrolls back to the mayor. Before returning to the group, he inquired as to where he could find similar scrolls. The mayor pointed him towards Ba Sing Se.

Meeting back with the group, the four decided how to spend their money on goods for the trip. Trusting them to make proper purchases, Beilin left in search of a haircut and shave. While purchasing a portable still, Mayu and Zero discovered that Anzu had returned 150 gold to Mou after learning that it was all the school had. With the 50 gold, they purchased a portable still, plenty of grain, and the finest smoked meats they could get. After his haircut, Beilin went in search of something to purchase for Mayu, in hopes that she wouldn’t feel the need to steal scrolls again. As one of the local antique shops, Beilin came across a scroll by Shang Tsun and paid 50 copper pieces for it. Upon presenting it to Mayu, he discovered that the scroll he had purchased was an original worth well over 100 gold. Beilin told Mayu not to inform Anzu of the scroll’s value.

As the group began to leave Winbu, Zero overheard a flying bison in the distance. Sister Mishi arrived with grim news that she had not found their fourth member for the youth tournament. Anzu nodded and informed her not to give up on the search, but that if she were to find him or her, that she should drop him off near the Serpent’s Pass. With that, Sister Mishi left in search of the waterbender. Just as the group was going to leave, Anzu made the suggestion that the group spend the rest of their money to take a boat as far north as they could. Beilin instead suggested that they spend it on ostrich horses. The group put it to a vote, with three to one in favor of ostrich horses. With that, the group purchased their mounts and went north.

Four days after leaving Winbu, the group happened upon a checkpoint halfway to the Serpent’s Pass. Anzu and Beilin were immediately suspicious of the checkpoint when the guards declared they worked for Earth King Hen Ji, when, in fact, his name is Jin He. After refusing to pay a toll, four bandits armed with longbows appeared on top of the wall and opened fire on the group. After an arduous battle, the four dispatched five bandits with escaping into the river, and reclaimed the two earth kingdom military uniforms. Using his earthbending, Beilin knocked the gates open and the group continued on their way to the Serpent’s Pass.



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