Avatar: A Tale of Seasons

Session 13

After resting for a few hours, the team participated in their second and final match for the day. Although the match lasted longer than their previous encounter, the victory was decisive. Following the match, Chief Annak, who had been watching the fight from the stands, visited the team’s prep room to congratulate them on their victory. Kuruk and a few others noticed that Annak seemed particularly interested in Kuruk. After much prodding and poking, Kuruk hinted to the group that he had done something horrible in his past, but he was not willing to share it with the group. Further discussion, and some threats, lead to Kuruk promising to tell the group his secret the following day after he confronted Chief Annak.

With the quarter finals starting in three days, the group decided it would be wise to spend some time resting before heading back into practice. Zero stayed behind near the tournament grounds to watch some of the other matches that were about to start. While waiting for the next match to begin, Zero encountered Lee, an old acquaintance from his early days at school in the Fire Nation. Their conversation slowly switched towards the problems Zero encounter in the Earth Kingdom. Lee was appalled at Zero’s mild reaction to the lack of honor in the Earth Kingdom. The conversation devolved into an Agni Kai when Lee told Zero he had no honor. Zero, knowing full well his opponent was a poor firebender, destroyed Lee in less than a second. The arena erupted into a light panic at what appeared to be a spontaneous human combustion. Annak, who had been watching the fight, pulled Zero away from the encounter and into the preparation rooms. After berating Zero for his actions, he offered Zero two choices: spy on Kuruk for him or have a nice chat with the Earth Kingdom military. Zero took the former.

BeiLin met up with Yuu returned to the fair to continue where they had left off from last time. While walking between the Fire Nation and Earth Kingdom sections of the fair, they came across a ragged man passing out anti-bending propaganda crudely written on scraps of paper. The man claimed that those who could not bend the elements were being oppressed by those who could. Written on the paper were testimonies of those who believed in the cause, including the poet Sheng Suun, and a date and time for some special meeting. Intrigued by the details of the event, BeiLin decided he would investigate it. Later that evening, BeiLin informed Mai of his intentions to attend the meeting. Mai put up no resistance and agreed as long as she could accompany them.

After the brief encounter with the group over his past, Kuruk returned to the far side of Lake Logai to think. While resting, he was visited by Prince Kozao. The two talked for a while with Kozao finally admitting to his royal lineage and role as Avatar. Kozao told Kuruk that he didn’t really want to be the Avatar due to the pressures from the royal family. He offered Kuruk the position, but he declined. Before leaving, the young prince told Kuruk that he had a plan, but that it was a secret. Kuruk spent the rest of the evening there, unaware that BeiLin had sent a spy to watch over him.

That night while sleeping, BeiLin’s dreams were invaded by the masks and something new. A portion of his dreamscape shattered into hundred of tiny pieces as a mask crashed into his realm. The mask was scarred and cracked with several chunks of stone missing from it. With the stone from the left eye completely gone, BeiLin could make out what appeared to be a single amber eye. Before having any chance to talk or attack the eye, a giant silver tiger leapt through the crack and began attacking the mask. Unable to withstand the assault, the mask finally vanished leaving the tiger and BeiLin alone in an orchard. The tiger turned to BeiLin and apologized for ruining his dream. BeiLin thanked him but mentioned that he had seen the masks before. The tiger, now interested, drew closer to BeiLin. Now within several feet of the tiger, BeiLin noticed that his fur was not organic, but rather composed completely of metal. BeiLin asked what the masks were wanting, and the tiger replied that they were in search of something. BeiLin said that the masks told him they were looking for the Avatar, and that he knew where the Avatar was. The tiger replied the there currently was no Avatar. When asked how he knew, the tiger gave no response. As the tiger started to leave, BeiLin asked the tiger’s name. The tiger told him that he has many names yet at the same time has none, but that if the young bender had wanted to call him something, he rather liked the name Byakko. As he left BeiLin’s dream, the leaves on the trees turned from green to brilliant oranges and yellows.

The following morning, BeiLin relayed his dream to Zero, Yuu, and Mayu. Zero recalled hearing a story from his great-grandmother about the true source of bending coming from the seasons and not the traditionally thought sources. His great-grandmother mentioned that each of the seasons were represented by an animal: spring an azure dragon, summer a crimson bird, autumn a white tiger, and winter an onyx tortoise. If the story was correct, then BeiLin had met the spirit of autumn.

Still at cliffs overlooking Lake Logai, Kuruk awoke to the smell of breakfast. While out for training, Ren had discovered a sleeping Kuruk and decided to make him breakfast. Kuruk invited Ren to hang out with her later in the evening and she accepted. Later that afternoon, Kuruk confronted Annak but the conversation ended up going nowhere. In the end, Annak promised that Kuruk would face Justice one way or another.

Before meeting up with the others at the BeiFong house, Kuruk decided he would confess his crimes to Ren first. Much to his surprise, Ren also confessed to Kuruk that she had been helping her brother against her will. Now that the two had a bit more common ground, Ren felt slightly better and agreed to support Kuruk if his group turned against him.

At dinner, Kuruk confessed that he lied about his origin from the Northern Water Tribe and then told the group the he murdered his former teacher, who spent every day torturing Kuruk. While most agreed that Kuruk was somewhat justified in his actions, a few could not agree with his lack of remorse over the murder. The conversation ended with the group agreeing to disagree and that present Kuruk does not seem to be a bloodthirsty monster.

As the evening finished, Ren and Kuruk decided to return to the fair for the evening events, while BeiLin, Mai, and several others attended the anti-bending rally.

- – - – -

Experience: 2550xp



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