Avatar: A Tale of Seasons

Session 12

After taking two days of extended rest following the Xiao-shi affair, the group finally made it to the Decennial Martial Arts Exhibition and Tournament. The opening ceremony was conducted by four representatives, one from each nation: Earth King Jin He from the Earth Kingdom, Fire Lord Ran from the Fire Nation, Chief Annak from the Water Tribes, and Sister Prati from the Air Nomads. Following the ceremony, the group went their separate ways as they enjoyed everything the nearby fair had to offer.

BeiLin and Yuu checked out the Water Tribe section of the fair, located on the south-eastern side of Lake Logai. The area was made to look and feel as though one was walking in the Northern or Southern poles. Using the water from the nearby lake, waterbenders covered the landscape in fresh snow. Their tour of the Water Tribe area ended when a playful snowball fight at one of the game booths ended with Yuu smashing a kid in the face with a snowball intended for her companion. BeiLin apologized and told the guy running the booth to give the kid their prizes.

Zero spent time with Anzu in the Air Nomad’s section. Both were disappointed by the vegetarian only selection of food, but they were amazed by the various rides offered by the monks. While standing in line for the parachute ride, Zero saw two older kids bullying a much smaller kid with a stuffed flying bison. Zero chased the two kids off and offered the smaller to join him on the parachute ride. The kid accepted his offer. While waiting for the ride, the kid asked Zero if he was in the tournament. Zero told him he was a firebender, to which the kid replied that he too was a firebender. The kid showed Zero his ability to bend by creating a tiny flame in his hand, which Zero then boosted. After the ride, the kid thanked Zero and Anzu before running off.

Kuruk decided to stay away from the fair to avoid having his identity discovered. Trudging along the north side of Lake Logai, Kuruk discovered Ren Xiao-shi and Shou engaged in training. After Shou had won the match, Kuruk walked down towards them. Ren recognized Kuruk from the dinner she attended with her father at the BeiFong house. Shou informed Kuruk that he doesn’t like bystanders, and that if he wished to stay, he would have to spar with them. Kuruk agreed to the match and fought together with Ren against Shou. The match ultimately ended with Shou’s victory, but Kuruk had made an impression upon Ren. During the brief lunch provided by Shou, a little boy with a stuffed flying bison appeared from behind some bushes. Kuruk asked the kid if he was lost and Ren offered him a part of her sandwich. The child assured them that he wasn’t lost and instead shifted the conversation towards what they were doing out there. Upon learning that they were practicing, the kid asked Kuruk if he could show him his bending. Kuruk then made a water golem that looked exactly like the kid. The kid, telling Kuruk that he could waterbend a little as well, made a derpy flying bison out of water. When the kid was ready to leave, Shou told Kuruk and Ren that he would ensure the child’s safety and took him back to find his parents.

While in the Air Nomad section of the fair, BeiLin and Yuu discovered Mayu selling steamed potatoes. Mayu explained she had been tricked into selling potatoes by Sister Mishi, her teacher from the Western Air Temple. She offered BeiLin a free potato, which he split in half for Yuu. While waiting in line for pies several stalls over, BeiLin and Yuu watched as several Fire Nation soldiers cut a path through the crowd with Fire Lord Ran behind them. One of the soldiers came up to BeiLin and handed him a picture. The boy in the picture was quite young and dressed in very fine clothing. BeiLin recognized the kid as the one Yuu had hit with the snowball. The soldier asked if he had seen the child, and BeiLin told him he had seen him at the game stalls in the Water Tribe area. The guard asked again, and BeiLin repeated his answer. The guard thanked BeiLin and returned to the procession.

Zero and Anzu met up with Shou and the kid while drinking different wines in the Water Tribe area. Shou took Anzu, leaving Zero with the kid again. The two waited inside the wine tasting tent for several minutes when several members of the Fire Nation military walked inside the tend. Moments later, Fire Lord Ran walked inside the tent straight towards the child. Zero then watched in horror as Ran reeled back her arm and let loose a heavy-fisted punch straight into the child face. Ran then picked up the dazed child in her arms and warn him to never wander off again. As Ran left the tend with the child, Zero realized that he had been standing in the presence of Prince Kozai, son and eventual successor to Fire Lord Ran.

The next four days, the group entered several solo and group youth events that made up the exhibition part of the decennial event. Over the course of the four days, the members walked away with several gold medals and a few silver. On the first day, BeiLin took gold medal in strength category for earthbending, Kuruk took the gold medal in sculpting for waterbending, and Mayu took a silver medal for strength in airbending. Zero chose not to participate in any events, but instead made some gold from betting on BeiLin’s event.

On the second day, Zero took home the silver medal in firebending kata, only barely losing the gold. Kuruk and BeiLin took part in the mixed biathlon. BeiLin ended up taking home the gold, while Kuruk eked out the silver medal. Disappointed in her previous performance, Mayu opted out of participating and instead provided support in the form of working at the steamed potato stand.

The third day resulted in Zero taking home the gold medal in the raw power portion of firebending. No one was even close to matching the power of his firespin. BeiLin and Kuruk took part in the mixed group obstacle course. While Kuruk was unable to place, BeiLin managed another gold medal. Mayu also competed in the raw power portion of airbending, but was only able to take home a silver medal.

On the fourth and final day before the first match of the tournament, the group decided to all take part in bending volleyball. After winning several matches, the group managed to take a 5 – 2 victory in the final matchup and take home the gold.

The next day, the group participated in their first match of the tournament. With thirty-two teams participating in the youth division, the group would have to win five matches if they hoped to take home the gold. The group almost managed a flawless victory against the other team, but Mayu managed to take some damage from one of the other benders. With the first win under their belt, the group prepared for their second match.

- – - – -

Experience: 2810xp



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