Avatar: A Tale of Seasons

Session 11

Tired of dealing with the problems caused by the Xiao-shi family, the group took to action. BeiLin set up an appointment to meet with the head of the Xiao-shi family, Fong, at Wu Shu Park. He also set up a meeting between Mai and the local magistrate to discuss his father’s situation.

While the discussions were going on, Kuruk and Zero were tasked with a stealth mission. Zero obtained a forged letter from one of Anzu’s sources that would implicate Fong in a scheme to remove Feng from the family. While BeiLin had Fong’s attention at the park, Kuruk would then sneak into the Xiao-shi home and plant the letter.

At the park, BeiLin met Ren, Feng’s younger sister, who informed him that her father would be late. BeiLin entertained her with a few games of Pai Sho. He lost the first, but one the second game. Ren revealed to BeiLin that she learned how to play the game through her current earthbending teacher, Shou. She demonstrated her ability, which while powerful, lacked the finesse of most benders. Fong appeared shortly after their second game and set Ren home. BeiLin invited Fong to a game of Pai Sho using Ren’s tiles that she had left behind. Fong seemed to convey false sympathy towards BeiLin’s father, but was genuinely shocked when BeiLin told him that Feng had been trying to kill his friends. Fong consulted his accounting book to verify the dates of the alleged attacks and found that he marked certain amount of missing funds around those dates. Fong begged forgiveness from BeiLin and left promising to make things right.

While the meeting had been going, Kuruk was having difficulties getting into the Xiao-shi residence. He eventually sneaked in with a group of workers who were doing construction on the house. He made his way through the air vents and eventually found Feng’s room. Kuruk was almost caught by Ren, who had just returned home, while planting the letter. After placing the letter on Feng’s desk, Kuruk made his way out of the home.

Later that evening while Zero was at a bar with Zhao, Feng and the large earthbender from the Lu Bei-Ga’s office showed up. Feng was upset about being removed from his family’s will and the bending tournament. After being denied his usual tab, Feng threw a fit and struck the waitress. Zero took the opportunity to pour salt into his wounds and made several snide comments. Before Feng could strike, Gregor, the large earthbender, grabbed his arms and carried him out.

Back at the BeiFong house, Mai returned quite flustered. She reported to BeiLin that the magistrate, none other than Hong Fire, declined reducing the bail by any amount. Fong showed up near the end of their talk and told the magistrate that he had something he wished to talk to him in private about. Fong later told Mai after the meeting that BeiLin’s father should be returning home shortly as the real culprit had been caught.

In the end, Bao had been returned home and Feng was turned in by Fong to the law. With the opening ceremony and start of the solo bending events in two days, the group took a break from politics and returned to bending.

- – - – -

Experience: 2650xp
PP Earned: 2



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