Avatar: A Tale of Seasons

Session 10

With his father still in jail the next morning, BeiLin heads to the prison where his father is being held. There he learns that his father is charged the crimes of murder, kidnapping, and the buying and selling of contraband. He also discovers that all assets, namely the purchased building he discovered the night before, have been confiscated from the Beifong estate. His father has no set date to see a judge, but if he wishes to be moved to his home instead as he waits for his date, the cost is 10,000,000g, or about a third of the Beifong’s wealth. BeiLin leaves without paying the bail.

While Beifong was out dealing with his father, Kuruk continued to search around the Beifong estate for hidden passages. As a result, he discovered a forgotten dumbwaiter leading from the first to the fourth floor. Mai discovered Kuruk on the fourth floor when he inadvertently stumbled into her room. When asked how he made it past the guards she had on patrol, Kuruk told her about the dumbwaiter. Mai wanted to destroy it as the passage could cause security issues in the future. Kuruk put forth a convincing argument and Mai decided to keep it open.

Zero spent most of the morning training alone until Anzu came to visit him. Anzu asked Zero is there was anything he could do for him. Zero told him that he wished he could be more popular with his teammates. Anzu replied that he had an idea and left Zero. Before leaving the estate, Anzu met up with Kuruk and asked again if he was interested in joining the team to replace Lakoda. Kuruk was still uncertain, but it was not a “No.” Kuruk, interested by Anzu’s odd demeanor at the time, decided to follow him as per his previous orders. Unfortunately he lost Anzu as the team manager took the private monorail to the upper ring of the city.

The team reconvened at dinner and ate in relative silence. Mayu, still recovering from her abduction, was particularly quiet, as was Matsukaze. The silence broke when Anzu burst into the room demanding that Kuruk tell the group the good news. Confused, Kuruk asked what Anzu had meant, to which the manager replied that he received word that the master from the water tribe had relinquished his to pick the new team member to Anzu. With a quick vote, Kuruk was accepted into the team. With a toast in order, Anzu requested that Zero retrieve some of the secret wine from the cellar. Kuruk followed Anzu.

In the cellar, they found no wine, but instead found a bound and gagged Feng Xiao-Shi behind a door labeled “Zero’s Secret Stash.” Confused and slightly enraged, Zero went up to grab Anzu and BeiLin. BeiLin, far from okay with the situation, demanded Kuruk to take Zero up so that he might have a word with Anzu. Kuruk quit on the spot and told BeiLin that this was a group affair. BeiLin quietly left and went upstairs to get some assistance from Mai. The two downstairs turned to Anzu and asked what he was thinking. Anzu assured the group that Feng has no idea where he is or who has him. As BeiLin’s small army descends the stairs, Anzu whistles and a mysterious figure or force send Feng away.

After lengthy discussion, Anzu is banished from the main estate. When asked later by Zero as to why he did it, Anzu replied that he was tired of the group sitting down while the Xiao-Shi attacked them. Zero told him that kidnapping was not how the group operated and asked why he didn’t just get BeiLin’s father out of jail if he had the power. Anzu didn’t have an answer, but told Zero that he would no longer help with anything but the tournament.

Yuu came down to see what was causing all the noise. She was given a heavily redacted version of the story. Deciding not to press further, Yuu told BeiLin that she and her father decided to sell away part of their collection to afford his father’s bail. BeiLin told her to give him a day before she makes that decision. Before heading to bed, BeiLin set up two appointments for the following day: He would go to talk with Fong Xiao-Shi and Mai would be sent to talk with the local magistrate.

- – - – -

Experience: 1825xp

Prestige Points are updated.



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