Avatar: A Tale of Seasons

Session 1

Word spreads quickly throughout the world as the first letters for the decennial martial arts exhibition reach the various schools across the land. While some masters find themselves with a difficult choice in picking their representative for the youth tournament, others such as Shou of the Earth Kingdom and Zhao of the Fire Nation have no such issues. The two masters send their only students,BeiLin Beifong and Zero Lee Qin respectively, to join two other students in hopes of bringing home honor and glory to their schools.

With a month before the exhibition begins, Zero set out by boat to meet with Anzu, their team’s manager, near a small fishing village in the Earth Kingdom. After exchanging brief pleasantries with each other, the two made a short hike to Shou’s school to meet with Beilin. While the Anzu and Shou went outside to talk, Zero and Beilin made short introductions before working on dinner.

Shortly after finishing dinner, the third member of their team, an airbender named Mayu, arrived with Sister Mishi. Sister Mishi briefly met with Shou and Anzu before departing to search for their final member. During dinner, the three benders introduced themselves and received a brief lecture on the rules of the youth tournament. With a little under a month to reach Ba Sing Se, the three went to bed early to conserve energy for the long road ahead.

During their first day on the road, the three discovered two children in tears running down the road. Beilin recognized them as members of the Lubei branch of the Beifong family. Calming down the two children, they learned that the two had escaped the clutches of a group of bandits that ambushed them on their way back from their summer home. Anzu stayed behind with the children and sent the three to save the parents with the caveat that they must not murder the bandits. Puzzled by his request, the three took off in search of the criminals. Working together, the three followed the bandits to a small ship docked on the side of a river. Beilin, Zero, and Mayu worked quickly to dispatch the bandits and save the children’s parents. Grateful for their help, the children’s father offered them a writ, granting them use of the Lubei’s summer home in the next city.

Feeling good about their teamwork, the three benders met up with Anzu and continued their journey towards the city of Winbu.



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